Commitment Sunday, Nov 12 – 2018 Pledge Info

Commitment Sunday, Nov 12 - 2018 Pledge Info

November is the time for Thanksgiving and also for planning our budget to fund our church programs and activities in 2018.  Much progress has been made this year in reaching out to do the Lord’s work in the neighborhood and community, repair and improve our building, further strengthen our worship and music offerings and continue our member fellowship and care activities.

Session committees are developing their budgets for 2018.  The committees depend on the information from your pledge cards to set budgets for the upcoming year and stay within our financial means.  Pledged offerings are the greatest source of income for the church and that is why it is so important that we once again ask for your support.

By November 6, you should have received in the mail a pledge card, cover letter and a return envelope.  You will find more information on completing the card, methods of fulfilling your pledge and key dates of returning the pledge.  We encourage you to return the card even if circumstances do not allow you to pledge this year because the Finance Committee needs to make a realistic forecast of revenue in 2018 and does not want to overestimate it.   We pray that new members will make a pledge and other members who have the ability will increase their pledge.

Commitment Sunday will be November 12 when we will bring up the pledge cards during our worship service.  If you are unable to participate in that worship service, the cards can be returned to the office in person or by mail.

If you lost it, you can download a pledge card here.

As we provide food for needy people in our community, educate refugees, teach our children, care for our members and reach out with our mission work, we need to thank God for all of you and your work in supporting this church.  Indeed, we are building the Kingdom of God in our church, neighborhood, community and around the world.


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