May 23 -Meet Author & Youth Mentor-Mario Bueno “Reformed: Memoir of a Juvenile Killer”

May 23 -Meet Author & Youth Mentor-Mario Bueno “Reformed: Memoir of a Juvenile Killer”

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018
Lansing First Presbyterian Church, 510 W. Ottawa

  • Free Dinner
  • Q& A with Author Maria Bueno and Community Leaders
  • Book Signing & Book Sale

Born in Pontiac, Michigan, Mario Bueno, author of “Reformed: Memoir of a Juvenile Killer”, grew up in a broken home, and was exposed to drugs and violence.  He was 16 when he robbed and killed a drug dealer.  Convicted as an adult and sentenced to 22 to 40 years in prison for murder, he was deemed “incorrigible”, beyond correction or reform, and served 19 consecutive years in prison. Today, “reformed”, Mario is the co-founder/co-director of LUCK (Leaders Under Correct Knowledge).  He has mentored hundreds of at-risk youth, helping them to reach their highest potential and make a positive difference in their neighborhoods and in the world.

Rick Speck and Mario Bueno, and Mario Bueno, LUCK Co-Directors, seen here with Anna Kohn of Recovery park who hired George Wilburn, a LUCK One-stop client, to work for Recovery Park


LUCK Inc. exists to safeguard the community through the training, educating, and mentorship of its most at-risk populations.  For more information on Leaders Under Correct Knowledge, visit





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