Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir rehearses weekly and presents two (2) anthems each Sunday. They sing a variety of styles – classical, gospel, folk, etc. – and strive to highlight the theme presented on Sunday mornings.

Bells of First

Director, Sheila Conrad, and the ringers of the bell choir had a very busy season. They gave concerts (May and December) at local nursing homes, presented music monthly for service, performed with the LanSING Out Gay Men’s Choir for the Christmas concert, and provided special music on Christmas Eve.

Children Youth Choir

Guest Instrumentalists

We have been able to have a variety of other instruments join us in worship – flute, bagpipes, French horn, violin, trumpet, djembe and other percussion – from both inside and outside the community. Vocal and instrumental soloists provided special music for worship during the summer months.


Our space (both chapel and sanctuary) have been utilized for a variety of concert offerings this year – LanSING Out and the Lansing Symphony use our facility on a regular basis.

If You Are Interested in Our Music Ministry

Please contact Megan Higle.