Commitment Sunday – Nov 3

Commitment Sunday - Nov 3

STEWARDSHIP 2020– Sunday Nov 3

First Presbyterian Church was one of the first churches established in Lansing and we are continuing to play a strong role in serving the community with worship, Christian education, music, youth programs, food ministry, and hosting other groups such as Global Institute of Lansing and Northwest Initiative. Your love of God and this church is expressed with your time, talents, and monetary gifts. Thank you!

This month we will be hearing from some of our members about the importance of First Presbyterian Church to them, their family, and community.

Pledge cards will be mailed later this month with more information on our goals and financial needs for 2019.

You can also download a pledge form (PDF) and email it in too.

Pledges are the church’s most important source of income making up almost 70% of the General Fund budget. You have been very faithful over the years by meeting your annual pledge which allows us to worship in this beautiful building, keep our programs running and our church operating in downtown Lansing.

Thanks for helping to do the Lord’s work in our neighborhood, community and the world!


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